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Digital Marketing
& IT Operation

Lowongan Kerja
  1. Education is preferred at least Bachelor of IT or related majors

  2. Minimum 1-year experience in Digital Marketing

  3. Experienced in handling social media

  4. Experienced in creating content for social media and blog articles

  5. Understanding of CMS (Content Management System) like Wix or others.

  6. Understand the basics of email marketing and the tools used

  7. Understand the process of creating content and copywriting skills

  8. Understanding SEO basics

  9. Understand the basics of video design and editing

  10. Critical thinking and ability to persuasively influence through storytelling

  11. Easy to adapt to technological developments and changes

  12. Have self-leadership and a high willingness to learn

Job Descriptions:
  1. Responsible for digital assets of Duta Kuningan & Bawana Margatama (social media & website)

  2. Create content for social media

  3. Creating article content for websites

  4. Website and social media performance analysis

  5. Create email marketing (newsletters etc.)

  6. Perform audits and improve SEO performance

  7. Create marketing materials (pamphlets & videos)

  8. Responsible for IT operations including system development

  9. Support the course of training

  10. Responsible as Test Center Administrator (TCA)

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