Developer Junior Java

Lowongan kerja IT
  1. Minimum education S1 Computer Science

  2. Work experience min. 1 year in a related field

  3. Understand the basics of application programming

  4. Familiar with Object Orientation Programming

  5. Understanding of JAVA, J2ME, J2XE, J2EE, JSP, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, XML, Webservices, Eclipse, and Tomcat technologies

  6. Familiar with database programmings such as MSSQL and ORACLE

  7. Have knowledge of source code tools (TFS, VSS)

  8. Understand report application (Jasper, Aspose)

  9. Understand frameworks and architectures like Spring/Spring MVC, MVVM, ZK, REST, JSON, Hibernate

  10. Understand Java Logic/Controler & Service, Java GUI, or Java-related Database

  11. Understand the concept of MicroServices

  12. Have experience building JAVA application web base

  13. Have experience building JAVA Desktop Base applications